Network Upgrades

Network upgrade is needed for organizational setup to increase the network speed and performance. Latest and improved network applications are lanunced in the industry. Once designed and installed, you can use a computer network to share and back up files and run more complicated applications. You should also be prepared to upgrade equipment and software time to time, to take advantage of advanced technology. Cyber Computers experienced consultants upgrade your network by implementing most up-to-date technology to stay on the top of the latest developments in this ever changing field.
If your existing network technology is old or you have outgrown your network, we can help. Instead of starting from scratch, we may be able to upgrade portions of your network. Call us for a free site visit.

  1. We design your upgrade to meet your needs.
  2. Upgrade is performed according to your schedule, including nights and weekends, so as not to disrupt your business routine.
  3. A bid for your upgrade is provided after performing a site visit to determine your business' needs. We feel it is important to visit your business before quoting a price. In this manner, we are able to meet your needs without selling you products or services you do not need.
  4. Upgrade complete systems.
  5. Upgrade specific hardware or software on your systems or your network.
  6. Upgrade network cabling.
  7. All cabling is thoroughly tested and certified to Cat 5/Cat 5E standards with printed results provided.