Home network setup

Network sharing lets your technology talk to each other. Creating a computer home network enables you and your family to access the same files, documents, games, music and web pages from any wifi-enabled device in your home, without the need to transfer them manually or connect them to cumbersome cables.

By putting the right network configuration in place, your digital devices can communicate wirelessly and simultaneously to share data, all from the one central home network. For instance: your network setup can enable all the devices on your network to be rerouted to the one printer ― without having to send documents to different computers or transferring files via USB or email before printing them out.

Make your home or office wireless. Move your computers from one room to another without a network cable. Print from anywhere in your home or office. Connect to Internet from anywhere in your home and share your photos, music, videos and files with your other computers.
We will connect, install and configure your wireless router.

Bringing you safely into the second decade of the 21st century. – That’s Cyber Computers!

Though they might seem universal, not everyone has a home wireless network yet. If you don’t have one, you might want to consider it. Remember how great it was when you went from dial-up to a cable modem? You felt right in step with the latest technology.

You can get that feeling again with your own wireless network.

Your wireless network will allow everyone in your home to be online at the same time. No more sharing a cable and waiting your turn. And you can say goodbye to the wires that connected you to your printers and scanners. With a wireless network, you can print and scan from anywhere in your home.

Our computer services make it easy to get your family connected to your wireless network. Here’s what we do for you:

Get Your Family Online And Setup A Network Between Your Computers

First, we will configure your router so your home network is up and running. Then our Expert Techs will connect all your devices: desktops, laptops, tablet, and smartphones. Equally important, we will make sure everyone in your family knows how to log-on.

Note: If you have your own router and other hardware, our Expert Techs will be happy to use those. If you don’t, Jim’s is not only around the block but nationwide, so we can use our enormous buying power to get you the best prices on the top-quality gear your demand.

Create Network Share Locations

Our Expert Techs will also ensure there is one central location for your family to share everything that’s important to them. No more having to download pictures and documents to a thumb drive so you can share them with someone else.

And, of course, we will make sure everybody knows how to access it quickly, from any device on the network.

Enable Shared Printers And Media Devices

Our Expert Techs will connect everything else, too, like printers and scanners so that everybody can work from anywhere in the house. Other media devices like digital cameras and smart TVs can be connected as well, so you can enjoy movies and photo collections on the big screen.

And after we do all that we will make sure everything is secured with the latest encryption and virus prevention software.

Making your home network part of the family. – That’s Cyber Computers!

Network services we can help you with

Our technicians are available to visit Sydney homes and businesses today to help with:

  • setting up your computer network or wifi;
  • network troubleshooting (for instance, connection issues, security problems or slow network service);
  • learning how to share files wirelessly using cloud technology;
  • Ethernet installations;
  • printer-sharing (directing all the devices in your home to the one printer);
  • game networking installation (including Sony PS3 and Xbox);
  • wireless network passwords and security; and,
  • getting the most out of your multimedia and digital devices (such as linking up your smart TV and hifi system to your home network).

Our technicians can also show you how you can make files from a shared network available offline, so that you can continue to work or play ― even when your computer or connection isn’t working at its best.