Building to building Connectivity

Office tenants expect building owners to provide connectivity and wifi just as they provide electricity. They also require flexibility so that their security requirements are met. Our solution gives tenants the option to get network-as-a-service, including dedicated wireless networks and dedicated Ethernet connections, or only lease backbone connectivity between their computers and the data center in the building. Separate firewalls and IP/VPN connectivity can also be provided.

We provide the core, distribution and edge network, along with high-end Wifi and state-of-the art security, giving you in important value-add to your tenants.

Furthermore, the automation systems in todays’ buildings require a lot more connectivity than before. Cyber Computers is making it’s way into buildings, and connectivity is needed everywhere. In addition, legacy systems tend to have some connectivity to the outside world via servers and VPN gateways for remote management and troubleshooting. These systems are often vulnerable and exposed to threats from the outside.

Our solution provide a standardized way for 3. parties to connect to their automation and building systems, and gives the owner tracing abilities and accounting.

All systems are monitored from our NSOC (Network Security Operations Centre) and managed in a proactive manner, both from a operational and a security perspective. If a tenant or a system is compromised, we will know about it.